**POSTPONED** Wales Comic Con (Telford Takeover)

A three day event for fans of movies, TV, comics and more, with Q&A’s, auto and photo ops, dealers and more. Various ticket levels available from a day pass to a VIP Platinum weekend pass.


Whedonverse guests:

James Marsters – Spike, –Buffy/Angel
Juliet Landau – Drusilla – Buffy/Angel
Julie Benz – Darla – Buffy/Angel
Mark Sheppard – Badger – Firefly | Tanaka – Dollhouse
Summer Glau – River Tam – Firefly/Serenity | Bennett Halverson – Dollhouse | Prima Ballerina – Angel
Jewel Staite – Kaylee – Firefly/Serenity
Alan Tudyk – Wash – Firefly/Serenity | Alpha – Dollhouse
Sean Maher – Simon Tam – Firefly/Serenity
Adam Baldwin – Jayne Cobb – Firefly/Serenity | Hamilton – Angel
Denis O’Hare – Dr. Edmund Hague – The Nevers



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