Wales Comic Con: Telford Takeover!

Wales Comic Con: Telford Takeover:

A two day convention for fans of Movies, TV, Comics and more, with auto and photo sessions, panels and more.

Whedonverse Guests

James Marsters – Spike, Angel, Buffy
Charisma Carpenter – Cordelial, Buffy, Angel
Nicholas Brendon – Xander, Buffy
Mercedes McNab – Harmony, Buffy, Angel
Jewel Staite – Kaylee, Firefly, Serenity
Summer Glau – River, Firefly, Serenity | Prima Ballerina, Angel | Bennet, Dollhouse
Juliet Landau – Drusilla, Buffy, Angel
Julie Benz – Darla, Buffy, Angel
Mark Sheppard – Badger, Firefly | Tanaka, Dollhouse


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