Delish Interview: Dove Cameron Talks Brownies & Ranch!

‘Descendents’ Star Dove Cameron Loves Brownies & Ranch, But Don’t @ Her For It

The heart wants what it wants.


Dove Cameron knows you’re going to judge her for this. She almost doesn’t want to admit to it, but it’s too good not to share.

“When I was little, I discovered this life hack, and nobody’s going to believe me until they try it,” she admits. The Descendants star takes a deep breath, bracing herself for whatever reaction may come.

“You know how people make cake pops? You take cake and mash it up?” she pauses, waiting for a nod of understanding. “I would take brownies and make them into little balls and dip them in ranch. Don’t judge me! That sounds like the worst, most disgusting thing in the world, but it’s unbelievable. It’s unmatched.”

My stunned expression must be a little too slack-jawed, because she quickly follows it up with: “I don’t know how to make you trust me until you try it.”


That’s the thing about Cameron: She’s totally honest. The actress – who just signed a record deal with Columbia – isn’t trolling you. She genuinely loves foods, and she’s not pretentious about it. Hours before New York’s fourth Nor’easter in the past three weeks hit, we sat down to take about her favorite foods, why her boyfriend could pass for an Instagram Chef, and the one thing even the most die hard Descendants fans don’t know about her.

But first, Let Her Explain The Whole Brownies-In-Ranch Thing.

“I have to defend it! I’m like, ‘please trust me!’ That’s my one embarrassing food quirk,” Cameron says. She realized the two were MFEO years ago when she accidentally dropped her brownie into her lunch. Ranch dressing got on it, but that didn’t mean she was going to toss the treat.

“It’s the same kind of sensation as dipping your fries in shake. It’s salty and sweet, and you’re just switching it around: The solid thing is sweet, and the thing you’re dipping it in is the salty thing,” she explains.


Her Boyfriend Could Moonlight As A Chef

Cameron’s quick to admit she’s not a cook, which is why she’s all the more grateful her boyfriend (fellow actor and Descendants 2 and 3 co star Thomas Doherty) is skilled in the kitchen. He’ll often whip up some of her breakfast favorites, like avocado toast with salmon and a poached egg on top.


She Tries To Eat Clean – For The Most Part.

Most days, Cameron has salmon with vegetables for lunch, and chicken or fish with vegetables for dinner. “I tend to eat really clean, because I feel better when I do,” she explains. The one exception she’ll make is when she’s in the U.K.

“They do English breakfasts all day, so I’ll have a breakfast for lunch situation,” she says, adding that she typically asks for more eggs. “I really like British food. It’s wholesome. I need hearty, carb-y food. I don’t like sugar very much, but I like savory things like that.”

She Loves One Unexpected Topping On Burgers.

Lately, Cameron’s been all about vegan burgers. “I just got to the point where if I eat red meat, my mood and energy plummet. I’ve just reached a weird point with it,” she explains.

Her obsession was taken to the next level when she was served a vegan burger with hummus on top. “It was incredible. It’s a thick substance, like mayonnaise, but it;s not -” she pauses making a face.

“Disgusting?” I ask.

“Yes! I hate mayonnaise!” Cameron laughs. “My boyfriend will slather it on things, and I’m like, ‘you’re gross.'”

Most Fans Have Never Noticed Her Greatest Obsession Of All.

Every time you’ve seen me coming on camera for anything – this is really unprofessional – but I always have gum in my mouth,” Cameron says. “You’d never see it on camera, and it never affects my speech, but that’s how much I chew gum. You can’t even tell that I’m chewing it all the time.”


Recently, she’s been all about keeping Cool Watermelon Tic Tac Gum on hand at all times – so much so she recently partnered with the brand to promote its launch.

Her Dad Got Her Hooked On Another “Weird” Snack.

Brownies dipped in ranch isn’t the only unexpected food combo Cameron loves, although this one she calls the “lesser of two evils.” “A cream cheese bagel with rainbow sprinkles on it,” she says. “You’ll lose your mind. It’s so good. My dad used to make it for me. It’s like a weird childhood snack, and I just never questioned it.”

She never thought that much of the pairing, until she was craving it one day as an adult and mentioned it to a friend, “They were like, ‘nobody else does that.’ And I was like, ‘Well, everybody else can leave my life, because it’s amazing.'”


She’ll Trick You Into Eating Healthy

Cameron isn’t much of a cook, but she loves to bake. “I’m a terrible person. I like to trick people into eating something and then later tell them it’s healthy. Becuase otherwise, people are like, ‘this tastes healthy,'” she says, enunciating the last word as if it’s poison in her mouth. “You have to make a gluten-free, sugar-free lemon bar, not tell anyone there’s anything different about it, and when they all love it, you tell them.

In fact, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free lemon bars are her speciality. She uses sugar-free, gluten-free graham crackers for the crust – “a thick crust is key” – sweetening the bars with stevia and honey instead of refined sugar.

Mac & Cheese Can Help Her Overcome Anything.

Coconut rice and garlic bread are two of Cameron’s favorite foods, but when she’s feeling down, she goes for a comfort-food basic. “When all of my inhibitions are down, I’m not thinking about tomorrow, I just need something or someone to understand me, mac and cheese understands me. Always and without fail,” she says. “I’m not talking about if you go to a nice restaurant and you order mac and cheese and it’s like the dry, baked cheese on top, nah. I’m talking about the cheap, you-spend-less-than-$3-to-make-it, right-out-of-the-box stuff. Definitely not organic.”

Ah. Stars, they get the blue box blues just like us.

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