Wizard World – Portland @ Oregan Convention Center
Feb 22 – Feb 24 all-day

A three day convention in Portland Orgean, featurning guest talks, photo and auto ops, cosplay and much more. VIP guest packages available:


Whedonverse guests:

Alyson Hannigan – Willow Rosenberg in Buffy and Angel

Alexis Denisof – Wesley Wyndham-Pryce in Buffy and Angel

James Marsters – Spike in Buffy and Angel

Charisma Carpenter – Cordelia Chase in Buffy and Angel

Juliet Landau – Drusilla in Buffy and Angel

Julie Benz – Darla in Buffy and Angel

Amber Benson – Tara McClay in Buffy

Clare Kramer – Glory in Buffy



Dublin Comic Con @ Convention Centre
Mar 9 – Mar 10 all-day

A two day convention for fans for fans of comics, movies and tv shows, including Panels, auto and photo sessions, trade stalls, cosplay and more.

Whedonverse Guests:

James MarstersBuffy | Angel
Micheal Cudlitz – Buffy